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Welcome to Tawstock Court

We are an old estate with a new story to tell. Lovingly renovated we are space to hold your unique event, have a peaceful relaxing holiday and a place to be inspired.

Latest Events

We have lots going on at Tawstock Court and will be adding to our schedule over the coming year. Whether it’s open-air theatre, courses, talks or performances.

St Michael’s Room

St Michael's Room Coming in 2019When we purchased Tawstock Court we were very aware of the special place that St Michael's school held for many thousands of past students who had attended the school over the course of 70 years at Tawstock Court. As part of our plan,...


Every spring we are blessed to have the most wonderful display of bluebells in our woodland. It is the most perfect setting for a unique woodland wedding.

John Soanes Lantern Restoration

In 2015 we undertook restoration work on the Sir John Soanes lantern that is an integral part of the Tawstock Court building. When we first took over the building there were a number of leaks in the ceiling and a lot of the plasterwork had been damaged through water ingress.

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