About Us

Be a part of our story…

Tawstock Court is steeped in history, intrigue, excitement and wonder. From the ancient woodlands, full of bluebells and wild garlic in the spring, colour and vibrancy of huge trees in the summer, alive with sounds of woodland creatures and falling leaves in the autumn and calm and mellow in the dormancy of the winter mist.

The beautiful Georgian 18th century country house, risen from the ashes of the original Elizabethan mansion which burnt down in 1787, of which the Elizabethan gatehouse dated 1574 and old ruins still stands today. The current building parts of it designed by the architect Sir John Soane, his drawings for Tawstock Court can still be seen in his London museum.

The historic coach house and barn still show signs of life as stables and a hiding place for Cromwell’s soldiers, where old armour was found when the old school renovated the barn into a school gymnasium in the 1950s.

The sports hall, dedicated to a former St.Michaels School teacher, Burt Clutterbuck, who was a well loved figure during the school years here. Next to which the field once contained a rich kitchen garden and stunning fountain providing the precious food for the school during the war years, alongside the old tennis courts which once stood stunning landscaped gardens from the time of the Bourchier Wrey family, The Earls of Bath.

Nestled at the bottom of the front lawn stands the magnificent historic St Peters Church, once the church for the Bourchier Wrey family, many of whom are laid to rest there, with the church bells that bellow out enchanting music on a Sunday morning, the intricate carvings and beautiful stained glass windows and the ancient funeral path at the bottom of the woods next to the church.

Every room, every building, every part of the 32 acre site that Tawstock Court covers has its own story to tell and keeps its own secrets. One can only think about the many celebrations and events that have happened here over its deep history, which dates back many hundreds of years. Tawstock Court is even mentioned in the Doomsday book itself with links to William the Conquerer and the famous Tudor dynasty. JuJust imagine how many stories have happened here already and how many more it has yet to tell.

"This house of Tawstoke is a verye famouse and auncyent howse. The howse is a verye fayre howse." - John Hooker (1527 - 1601)

Renovation & Future


In 2012 the Peryer family acquired Tawstock Court. Aware of the responsibility and importance of the building and the memories associated with the site we have spent the last 6 years investing a great deal of time, energy and money into securing the future of Tawstock. We are passionate about Tawstock Court and feel that we are stewards of the property with the aim to leave the beautiful building with a sustainable future.  


Since we first had the property we have made improvements each year to the fabric of the building. The first priority was the roof (the first winter we were at Tawstock Court the rain was pouring into building so heavily that each room had to have buckets in them). After extensively repairing the roof we set about the exterior and interior restoration and decoration of the site and we think have achieved some pretty good results (see pictures below). We were nationally recognised by the PDA for our work in 2016 and our project was highly commended. 


Our goal with Tawstock Court is to create a thriving hub of creativity, learning, relaxation and fun. When people stay at Tawstock or hold an event here we want them to experience some of the magic of Tawstock and go home with happy memories of their time. We also want to be respectful of the building's past and we are setting up a heritage room where we will be displaying many artifacts from the buildings time as St Michael's School. Please contact us to arrange a visit. 

The Future

We still have a lot to do at Tawstock Court and will be continuing the development and improvements on site. We will do this in a way that does not intrude the activities that are occurring on site. We look forward to welcoming you in the future.

We love Tawstock Court and we make sure that its reputation, the standards and the service we offer are the highest possible.

Laura and Jake Peryer - 2018